Custom Built Cabins





Uncle Dave's Cabins have come a long way from being a toy, to real live-in cottages today.

After building a small portable saw mill and buying an antique planner mill, David started to build all sizes of cabins from dog houses, play houses, garden cottages, storage cabins, quad or skidoo storage cabins, tack houses, out houses, smoke houses, and guest houses to small barns.  (Notice that these storage and garden units are not called "sheds".  They are too nice to be called a shed.)  If you like wood, one of these units would fit nicely in your back yard!

All cabins and cottages are built with a unique design that David developed himself using v-groove pine lumber incorporated with pine logs used on the corners and half logs for re-enforcement with door and window frames.

Cabins from dog houses (4 x 6 feet) to 10 x 12 foot garden or storage units have a front deck with an overhang roof.  All are built with solid 1.5 x 5.5 inch v-groove pine lumber and book-matched grain lumber, re-enforced on the outside with split pine logs and inside with one inch planed pine slabs, rustic door and window frames, with asphalt shingles, built on two 4 x 4 skids.

Bigger cabins (12 x 20 feet and up) are framed with 4 inch lumber and sheeted in with 1 x 6 v-groove inside and out, wired, insulated walls, three factory windows, asphalt shingles and are built on two 6 x 6 skids.  Options are a loft and rustic furniture.

Units can be produced in a package for shipment nation wide.

Units start at $24 sq/ft finished in and out, $45 sq/ft wired and insulated.